Ukraine Under Attack

Ukraine needs support now as never before.

February 24th has changed the lives of millions of Ukrainians forever. Russian aggression has invaded every home. Russia is ruthlessly destroying civilian structures – hospitals, kindergartens, schools and apartment buildings. People spend their nights in bomb shelters, massively leaving their homes, fleeing from an imminent danger.

The war lasts… for 3 days already. Residents of many cities found themselves under numerous attacks and shelling by the enemy. The lives of civilians are in danger.

As of February 26, there are 198 dead and 1,115 injured Ukrainian citizens, among them – 3 children died and 33 are injured. During the explosion of the bridge on the Kyiv-Zhytomyr highway, four people were injured, including one child.

A seven-year-old girl Alice died of severe injuries as a result of a heavy artillery shelling of the “Sonechko” kindergarten in Okhtyrka.

An ambulance took a boy of around 7 years in critical condition to Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital after the machine gun fires by enemy soldiers. The child was unconscious and lost a lot of blood. It appeared that the boy had a shrapnel wound of his neck on the right side, multiple shrapnel damage to soft tissues, a torn head wound and a concussion. Now the child is in intensive care in critical condition. The whereabouts of the baby’s parents are currently unknown.

All Ukrainian kids are now children of the war. “Children of the dungeon.” That is how you can call our Ukrainian children right now. The new reality is ruthless. Children, just like adults, feel the fear of war and hide.

Instead of a swing outside, they have only an emotional “swing”. They remain children and play, but now their main game is “hide and seek” , but it’s actually just “hiding”. From the occupiers who are shelling their country and from those who are killing their peers.

The kids are trying to live their bright childhood lives, but underground. In bomb shelters they play, laugh and sleep… on the floor. War teaches them to fear and hide, but our confrontation teaches them to fight and not give up. And our victory will teach them justice.

Despite the war, shelling and bombing, new life is emerging. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russian troops in different parts of our country, little Ukrainians have been born in shelters. From the first days the little ones have been fighting for their rights for a free and independent homeland.

In the Kyiv subway, where people were hiding from air strikes, little Mia was born at night. Two boys were born in Kherson bomb shelters under the supervision of doctors.

Kyiv Maternity Hospital №3 works in a shelter. Physicians who stay altogether with pregnant and parturient women are doing their best to make the birth of new life as joyful and painless as possible, even during the war.