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Lena Rozvadovska
Co-founder and chairman of the fund
I remember being surprised to realize that I had never heard of my rights as a child, that I did not know that as a child I had the right to be respected and protected. Through my personal experience, it is easy for me to understand children who are not heard and insulted.
Azad Safarov
Co-founder of the fund, head of communications
Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a director and making movies. And it so happened that when I started making movies, I went back to my childhood. Because we shoot mostly about children who live on the front lines. At some point, I realized that just filming and showing problems is not enough. We need to make concrete changes.
Andrew Chernousov
I have been dealing with the issue of observance of children's rights since 2012 - a systematic work on monitoring and advocacy of children's rights in Ukraine, especially children under state care. At the beginning of the war, I was invited to join the Voices of Children team, and I did not hesitate for a second, because this is a logical continuation of my work. In addition, the Foundation provides an opportunity to collect, analyze and systematize data on violations of children's rights during the war, which will later help bring the perpetrators to justice.

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Viktoriia Petruk
Volunteer coordinator
I coordinate the work of volunteers from all over the world who want to join the work of "Voices of Children". Today there are more than four hundred of them. She started working for the Foundation recently, when she had to take her child abroad at the beginning of the war. Work, everyday life, friends - everything stayed at home. If it weren't for my daughter, I would probably have stayed there too, doing something to bring our victory closer. So when I was invited to join the Voices, I didn't even think about it. Pleases at least some opportunity to help children who are less fortunate.

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Iryna Synelnyk
Site editor
Childhood is created for joy, entertainment, rehearsals, development and fun laughter. Children sometimes can and understand much more than adults. But we have to create conditions for their development. And for that, we first need to hear them

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Olena Ermolenko
Communications expert
All my life I was trying to find a job that combines an opportunity to work in my speciality and develop within it, perfect team where you grow together, and a great goal to achieve which you are ready to work 24/7, and not to regret of, but even enjoy it. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. And all these happened because of the Voices of children. I am unspeakably proud being a part of this extremely valuable mission - helping children return their childhood.


Sofiia Dubyk
Head of SMM
I admire children, their ability to perceive life. They are sincere and often stronger than we imagine. I know for sure that the future of Ukraine depends on them. My son is 3 years old, and I learn a lot from him: to see the beautiful even in the worst day, to be able to let go of problems, to get angry properly and sincerely rejoice 🙂 I believe that if we "have" to do something in life, it is to give children the opportunity to develop in to the most healthy and comfortable society that will hear them and consider their opinion.Вважаю, що ми якщо і «маємо» щось у житті зробити, то це дати можливість розвиватись дітям у максимально здоровому та комфортному суспільстві, яке чутиме їх і зважатиме на їхню думку.
Olha Vovk
SMM, designer, illustrator
I grew up in a military family, and it's probably surprising that I chose a creative path in life. Kindergarten children, classmates - almost all were children of the military. We often played "war", mercilessly shot at each other from different sides of kindergarten pavilions, and the wounded were taken to the "hospital" -sand, and had first-class sticks. I was lucky to grow up in a relatively peaceful time. But the thought that there were children in my country for whom my childhood fears had become a reality was unsettling.

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Dima Demishev
Chief photographer/cameraman
Even as a teenager, I became interested in photography, which determined my profession in the future. Later, when I tried different genres, I started leaning towards social photo projects. Participating in the production of documentaries about children living near the war focused for me the importance of this topic, which eventually led me to the "Voices of Children" Foundation.

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Nina Vasilchenko
Manager of partnership projects
I love my country, travelling and Marvel and DC Universes. I love the expression "if you can dream it, you can do it". I envision our free country with a bright future where mentally and emotionally healthy children grow up. And together with the team of the Voices of Children Foundation, I am going to achieve this goal.
Elzara Halimova
Partnership manager
When I was two years old, my family returned to Crimea. Although my parents, like me, were not born in Crimea because of the mass deportation of Crimean Tatars by Stalin`s regime in 1944, we call this exactly the return to the land of our ancestors. Although these were difficult times, I always felt and still feel my parents` love and support and desire to do everything so that we live better life. It has been very difficult for us to get together as a family for more than 8 years, and since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, it has become almost impossible. I sincerely want the children of Ukraine to be reunited with their families as soon as possible and have a carefree childhood full of joy and a sense of love and security.

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Alla Shyrshyna
Project manager
Implementation with meaning is very important to me. I understand that the work in the fund is to ensure that as many children as possible have a happy childhood and a lot of hugs, in spite of everything.


Olena Olijnyk
I can ride 210 km a day on a bicycle, it's the perfect anti-stress. This helps to "ventilate" the head and not think about balance sheets and cash orders.
Tatiana Levchenko
Financial adviser
My Dad is a child of war, his father (my grandfather, whom I had no luck knowing) was killed during World War II. I had a happy childhood, I was loved by my parents and relatives, but from time to time there was a fear that war would break out and I would lose someone close. Unfortunately, for today's children, my fear has become a reality. Therefore, I am very happy to join the Foundation's team, which helps children and their parents to overcome fears, feelings of anxiety and regain safety and security.На жаль, для сучасних діток мій страх став реальністю. Тому дуже щаслива долучитися до команди фонду, яка допомагає дітям і їхнім батькам подолати страхи, відчуття тривоги й знову набути стан безпеки і захищеності.


Відділ перекладів

Marina Hubarets
German language translator
Translating children's stories, their touching poems and poignant interviews is emotionally difficult. But after translation, they will be heard and read by many people from different countries. And then help for the smallest and most vulnerable will come much faster. Our generation did not know what a child psychologist was. We were taught "not to sulk", we were told to "calm down immediately", children's problems were considered trifles. And we learned to restrain our feelings, to ignore the inner pain. It is good that there is an opportunity to change it. Therefore, I am incredibly proud that I have become one of the links of a strong and large rescue chain - for those who cannot help themselves yet.

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