We think, and they feel, we remain silent, and they speak. We believe in our strength, and they believe in us.

We hear them and we want the voices of children to be heard by the whole world!

June 1 – Children’s Day!

In Ukraine, this day has always been a holiday, with games, entertainment, communication and loud children’s laughter. Now laughter seems out of place. But this is not true. Children should smile, believe in good, be with friends, hug family and be happy every day!

Now children’s poems are not as cheerful and positive as before, but they are meaningful, understanding, adults, with faith in victory, with faith in returning to their homes, toys, friends. With the belief that everything will be as before. We hear their pain and feelings and we want everyone to hear them!

Children of Ukraine are a strong, strong-willed, persistent, good and bright future of our state!

Everything will be Ukraine!