Activity Report of the Voices of Children Charitable Foundation for the second month from the beginning of the full-scale war

24.03.2022 – 24.04.2022

Children get more protection due to your support. Thank you!

10 professionals in the team

50+ psychologists who help every day both online and at locations

275+ volunteers who responded from all over the world

8 locations where our psychologists work on non-stop basis – Lviv, Vynnyky, Dublyany, Truskavets, Skhidnytsia, Poltava, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Berehove

Urgent humanitarian assistance

The Foundation continues to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to people forced to flee the war to other parts of the country. We help to arrange compact dwellings (CD) by providing beds and various household appliances that improve the daily life of families with children.

For this month we have performed the following:

  • Helped to evacuate and found dwelling for 104 families with children.
  • Purchased household appliances (water heaters, washing machines, showers, freezers, irons, vacuum cleaners, dryers, mixers, ironing boards, etc.) for temporary accommodation locations in Truskavets, Stebnyk and Khyriv, Lviv region. Today there live 718 people, including 281 children. In total, more than 2,000 IDPs received temporary shelter in these locations this month.
  • Purchased 200 mattresses for families with children in Khmelnytsky and Ternopil regions and in Truskavets.
  • 900 hot lunches were prepared at the transit point in Oleksandriia, Kirovohrad Oblast, for evacuees from Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Bakhmut, Krasnohorivka, Popasna and Slovyansk.
  • Coordinated 40 tons of aid according to the received requests. This includes food, clothing, bedding, hygiene items and baby products. Helped with the organization of medicines purchase for a boarding house in Zhytomyr region for 10 thousand euros.

Almost UAH 640,000 was spent on these needs.

  • For 130,000 hryvnias we bought stationery and creative materials for classes with children, as well as ottomans, tatami mats for children’s playrooms in the centers where we practice art therapy with children in Truskavets, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Beregovo and Kamyanets Podilsky and Poltava. In total, it is more than 300 children.
  • Together with the Tabletochki Charitable Foundation, we paid for a two-week rehabilitation course for 22 children with disabilities at the specialized clinic in Truskavets. These are children from cities and villages in the active combat areas. 

Andriy and his mother – one of those who received a rehabilitation course. More details in the video at the link below:

On this photo is Mykola, he is two and a half years old. He and his family was hiding from Russian shells and bombs in the basement of a school in Lysychansk, Luhansk Region. When the Russians bombed the shelter, they were forced to flee. Today, the boy together with his mother, grandmother and sister are gradually getting used to a peaceful life in the shelter for refugees in Lviv, which was arranged with the help of our Foundation. In the shelter the boy sleeps with his mother. She believes that the school destroyed by Russian shells will be rebuilt after the war. And their hometown as well. And Mykola will be able to study there in his first grade.

7-year-old Nastya from Severodonetsk, together with her two-year-old brother, mother, father and grandmother, were hiding from the shelling in the school basement. Watch her story here:  

Psychological Support

This area of our work is the most responsible, as it includes various types of support for parents and children – consultations with psychologists, group and individual classes, including those for children with disabilities, the hotline operation and the chatbot for psychological assistance.

For this month we have performed the following:

  • Provided psychological services to children and parents in 8 locations: in Lviv, Dublyany, Vynnyky, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Truskavets, Skhidnytsia, Poltava, Berehove.
  • In total, we conducted 150+ group sessions for 800 children and their parents and 86 individual psychological consultations.
  • A team of our psychotherapists conducted art therapy classes for more than 40 children in Truskavets. The children drew, sculpted and decorated “safety boxes”, as well as shared their experiences – about the house, dads who stayed at home, friends and favorite toys.
  • The free telephone hotline and a chatbot of psychological help “We are nearby” goes on functioning in cooperation with the NaUKMA center. People who stay in basements, being depressed and not knowing what to do, call there. There are also calls from those who went abroad, but still remain perplexed. During the month we have processed 45 requests from the chatbot and 32 calls over the hotline.
  • In Lviv we supported the organization of quality leisure for 100 children who came from hot spots – during the day the children played games with animators, passed quests and drew
  • This month, our psychologist visited weekly up to 25 children evacuated from boarding schools. Because of their more vulnerable position, they need extra attention and support.

“Now I’m not afraid of sirens, because I have a teddy-bear with me. He was also afraid. Now we are together and we are not afraid”.

The war caught 10-year-old Ulyana in the Lysychansk boarding school. Together with other children they were evacuated to Lviv. It’s relatively safe here, but sirens are also heard, just like in 2014, when she and her mother were hiding in the basement.

Our psychologist suggested that Ulyana hug a big teddy-bear every time she hears the siren. And it worked. The girl stopped being afraid.

Our psychologists start each lesson with the words: “You have me, I’m here, I’m listening to you.” It is extremely important for a child not to feel alone with his/her experiences, that somebody needs him/her, that there is a person to rely upon.

  • Thanks to the talent of our children, we also joined the NFT-auction of children’s drawings about the war in Ukraine[1], organized by the DCN Global International Public Organization of Professional Communicators. The children depicted their feelings about the war.


“The children that our psychologists are working with now have a lot of anxiety and a lot of unspoken emotions. The drawings they created in art therapy classes are very sad and tense – it is clear that there are many fears behind them. The time has not yet come when a child can show everything that is inside him/her, the child is like a compressed spring. The children I met do not feel safe, their psyche is unprotected. We still have a lot of work to do, much help to be provided to children affected by the war”Lena Rozvadovska, Chairman of the Foundation Board.

  • Also this month, 10 of our psychologists were given free access to the Calmconnect digital program forpsychologists.
  • Besides, our psychologists have developed some important lists of advice:
  1. how to help a child adopt to a new environment;
  2. what to do when a child is hysterical;
  3. how to deal with your own emotions and anxiety and help children;
  4. how to support a child who is experiencing separation from his father;
  5. what activities might be suggested to children in a bomb shelter and how to support them.
  • We are in touch with other countries and ready to join promptly any issue related to the stay of Ukrainian children abroad. This month, we conducted consultations with Swedish educators and representatives of international organizations on creating a comfortable school environment for Ukrainians. We thank the Swedes for caring for our children.

We are grateful to every person, every business for their help and support of our activities!

Our Plans for the Nearest Future

  • Support the work of all our centers for psychological assistance, as well as open new locations in Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky and Dnipro.
  • Gather information about the needs and provide urgent humanitarian aid to families with children.
  • Further psychological support to children from boarding schools, who had been able to evacuate to safe places
  • Promote information about our chatbot and support hotline.
  • Together with the Sigma Software team, develop a CPM system for the psychological support program of children and parents.
  • Further attention to every child individually, as no child should be left alone with the trauma of war.

You are welcome to join and support our activity here:

Our Communication

We cover the Foundation activity in 8 languages on Facebook: Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish and Romanian. 4 languages are used on the site: Ukrainian, English, German and Spanish. It helps to unite aid to Ukrainian children from all over the world.

This month, the Foundation was included in the map of providers of services and assistance in the field of protection within the UN Humanitarian Response – Ukraine. Now other organizations in the field of protection are aware of the activities of the Voices of Children and refer those who want to help us.

We were also included in the top 10 ranking of non-governmental foundations and public organizations that most effectively raise money to support Ukrainians during the Russian aggression, according to Forbes.

We thank the media for noticing, writing and spreading the results of our activities, it is very important for us!

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