Report of the Voices of Children Charitable Foundation for the fourth month since the beginning of the full-scale war


The report can be downloaded here

43 professionals in the team

30 psychologists

500+ volunteers who responded from all over the world

6 locations where our psychologists constantly work – in Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Truskavets, Poltava and Beregovo.

More than 8,000 children and parents were provided help

Immediate humanitarian aid

This month we have performed the following:

  • Helped 6,200 IDPs in the settlements of Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions by distributing 2,000 food kits.
  • Supported 105 displaced families with children: purchased the necessary pillows, mattresses, blankets, fabric for curtains, utensils and household appliances.
  • Bought various household appliances and materials for children’s development, games, stationery for 15 families raising children with disabilities. Also provided 9-year-old Polina from Volnovakha with hearing aids, which she had left at home, when fleeing from the war .
  • Individual financial assistance was also provided for 7 families.
  • Supported social rehabilitation centers in Lviv and Khmelnytsky regions. The day before, 18 children with mental disabilities from Mariupol were brought to one of them. The Foundation facilitated the living conditions of children by buying them a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, an electric kettle and educational materials for children.
  • Besides, we have coordinated the relocation of 17 families to more suitable places for longer living and the provision of food and hygiene kits for 28 families with children.
  • And, of course, we have provided consulting to more than 100 temporarily displaced families on various issues of evacuation, accommodation, assistance and search for various services.

A total amount of 1 million 795  thousand hryvnias was spent on humanitarian aid.

These are three brothers – Oleh, Yaroslav and Glib. They are the heroes of the movie “The Distant Barking of Dogs” and the wards of the Voices of Children for several years. We are glad that we helped them together with their grandmother to evacuate, settle and adapt in the west of Ukraine. You can read their story here.

And this is Anzhelika from Lysychansk, she takes care of family-type orphanages, which have now moved to Lviv and are receiving humanitarian aid from the Foundation. More about the history of saving families and their plans for the future are here.

Psychological support

During this month we have performed the following:

  • Psychosocial support centers for children and parents were opened in Lviv and Chernivtsi. We have equipped them with furniture, children’s books, creative materials and even children’s drawings directly on the walls of the centers.
  • 102 individual and 49 group psychological sessions with children were conducted in the centers, as well as at 4 other locations in Poltava, Truskavets, Beregovo and Ivano-Frankivsk. Besides, 19 group sessions with parents were held.
  • We also continue arranging art therapy sessions. There were 53 of them this month, and 37 children took part in them.

This is Elissey from Nova Kakhovka. Now he is with his mother and younger sister in Lviv. Our psychologists help Elissey to go through a difficult period of adaptation.

And this is Myroslava, who together with her mother managed to get out of the occupied Melitopol. They are safe, but it is difficult for the girl to experience separation from her father, who defends Ukraine, so she attends our art therapy sessions and believes that peace will soon come and she will meet her family and friends.

Children express themselves through creativity or playing. In this way, they find the internal resource to cope with the problem that worries them. We can talk to adults about some moments, but everything is different with children. We communicate with them non-verbally, often on a symbolic level. And it helps not to harm them. We give the child the opportunity to live a story that he/she creates independently. And we are nearby to support him/her in this process.

Psychologist of the Voices of Children Charitable Foundation Antonina Sorochynska
  • Besides, in partnership with the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine (VAAD), we organized psychological support for IDP families who were severely affected by the war. As part of 2 tours in May and June, 30 families were able to relax in Slavske, Lviv region, enjoy excursions in the Carpathians, children and mothers attended more than 170 individual and group sessions with psychologists. Sessions of art therapy, film therapy and psychological games were also arranged for children.
  • We have also launched a page for psychological assistance on the Foundation’s website. Now it is convenient to fill in, in what format, where and what kind of help families with children need. 60 individual psychological online sessions with children and parents have already been conducted.
  • This month we have created some more useful materials for both psychologists and parents to help children in need of psychological support and rehabilitation:
  1. What is art therapy and why it is effective in working with children during the war?
  2. How does reality affect the condition of a child with autism spectrum disorders?
  3. What are the main methods of correcting the state of the child’s sensory systems?
  4. How to develop children’s speech communication at home?
  5. How to apply ABA therapy?
  6. What to do with child aggression?
  • A separate area of psychological support – the organization and conduct of entertainment activities for children and their parents.

On June 1, the Voices of Children Charitable Foundation and its partners decided to add a bit of bright colors to the little ones’ life. Simultaneously in 5 cities of Ukraine – Ivano-Frankivsk, Beregovo, Lviv, Chernivtsi and Skhidnytsia our psychologists carried out therapeutic and entertaining actions for more than 330 children. The children painted, sculpted, glued, learned to play drums and just played. Also on this day we gave them 150 gifts of creative materials and tools, which were purchased by the Foiunation.

We arrange regular excursions for children. These are Guta Shiretska Horse Ranch, where you can ride horses and taste trout soup, Shevchenkivsky Gai with incredibly beautiful nature and open-air folk architecture museum, Tuscany Reserve, where you can see the rock fortress city, and excursions to Truskavets and Lviv. In addition, our wards regularly attend the Rukh football academy and have even visited a charity match at the Mynai Stadium in Uzhhorod and trained with famous football players and stars (Olexander Pedan, Tamerlan, TVORCHI duo, Murafa, Yevhen Seleznyov, Vasyl Kobin, Taras Mykhalyk and others). In total, about 340 children and parents took part in the tours this month. These include large families, children with disabilities, and children from family-type orphanages who have moved to west of Ukraine.

  • Naturally, we continue to develop ourselves.
  1. 30 psychologists are currently being trained in crisis counseling (in partnership with NaUKMA), and another 39 psychologists are studying under the program “Children and War. Training in Healing Techniques” (in partnership with the Charitable Foundation “Hope around the world”). Also, 21 psychologists took part in the training course in art therapy from Nicole Willcox, the founder of the California Center for Trauma.
  2. Besides, 8 employees of the Foundation took part in group and individual security trainings from the Digital Security Laboratory

Thanks to your support, we do our best to provide that no child in Ukraine is left with the trauma of the war, and the assistance provided to them is timely and professional

A total amount of UAH 1,360,000 was spent on psychological support this month.

Rehabilitation assistance

Many children with disabilities need regular rehabilitation programs. But families who planned to receive these services at public expense in February or March did not receive them because they were forced to leave their homes and seek shelter. In addition, elsewhere, rehabilitation centers were destroyed by shelling and bombing by the Russian military. However, without training with specialists – speech therapists, physical rehabilitation specialists, masseurs – children lose acquired skills, and this affects their quality of life. That is why we help pay for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities, because these are families who have nowhere to return to, or they have definitely lost the opportunity to arrange the necessary measures at the place of their residence and do not have the opportunity to pay for rehabilitation themselves.

Olena Rozvadovska, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation

This month, 9 children with disabilities from Mariupol, Kharkiv and settlements of Kyiv and Luhansk regions completed a two-week rehabilitation course at the Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic. In total, since the beginning of the war, 43 children with disabilities have received assistance from the Foundation.

UAH 339,000 was spent on rehabilitation this month.

Advocacy for children’s rights

This year, the Children’s Day for the whole of Ukraine was not as usual. It was a combination of sadness and pain with hope and faith in a bright future. Together with you, we held a flash mob “Voices of Children” so that as many people in the world as possible understand how the war affects the children of Ukraine, their dreams and thoughts.

We are grateful to all the participants who joined our initiative and shared quotes from little Ukrainians on their social media pages. In total, the flash mob covered more than 30,000 people.

Many thanks to the opinion leaders who supported the Voices of Children and wore T-shirts with quotes from children of war: Olena Zerkal, Maria Berlinska, Pianoboy Dmytro Shurov, Irma Vitovska-Vantsa, KOZAK SYSTEM, Inna Popereshnyuk, Pylyp Ilyenko, Andriy Kokotyukha, Elina Slobodyanyuk, Artem Ovdienko, Kateryna Solyar and Eduard Akhramovich. Special thanks to Channel 24, Espresso TV Channel, Yevhen Klopotenko, Oleg Sentsov, Oleg Gorokhovsky, Rimma Zyubina, Ivana Kobernyk, Serhiy Prytula Foundation, Anna Knittology for information support.

On the same day, the Foundation joined a press conference to discuss Russia’s war crimes against Ukrainian children: the bombing of civilian facilities and children’s infrastructure, the use of prohibited means of warfare; creation of a humanitarian catastrophe, murders, injuries, child abuse; forced deportation and erasure of children’s national identity. Olena Rozvadovska, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, also emphasized that the war causes great stress and cruel consequences for children. And already now our work is aimed at developing and implementing long-term programs of psychological and humanitarian support for families with children affected by the war.

Since the beginning of the war, the Foundation, together with colleagues from the Kharkiv Institute for Social Research, has been preparing monthly reports describing the situation, problems and needs of Ukrainian children at home and abroad. We describe both war crimes against children and violations of their rights to decent living conditions, education, medical care, and leisure in wartime. More about this on the website.

An important component of advocacy is also the constant reminder that adults can and should influence Ukrainian children to have a childhood and their voices to be heard everywhere. So we make videos, record stories and even quote children, how bravely they face circumstances, how they help others, what they strive for and how we can help them. You can watch the stories on our YouTube channel, in social network FB and Instagram, our website.

A total amount of 761,000 hryvnias was spent on advocacy this month.

Our plans for the future
  • To open psychosocial support centers for children and parents in Kyiv and in Cherkasy.
  • To launch mobile relief teams in Kyiv region to support families with children affected by the war.
  • To launch summer camps for children in various formats – in the form of hiking, creative workshops and joint recreation of children and parents.
  • To enlarge the format of training and education of our psychologists, focusing on the prevention and overcoming of war-related trauma.
  • To develop a program of psychological assistance for children with disabilities who have additional needs for upbringing and maintenance from both parents and professionals.
  • To continue individual support for families in matters of evacuation, accommodation, purchasing food and necessary household items, medicines, etc.
Our supporters

Since the beginning of the war, the voices of Ukrainian children have been heard all over the world! We are supported by businesses, musicians, athletes and the children themselves. We are very grateful that people all over the world organize various events, concerts and meetings, help with their activities so that Ukrainian families can get the help and support they need.

  • VOLYA team organized a festival in Georgia “Art against bombs”, the gains from which were transferred to our Foundation.
  • The American singer and songwriter SONiA held a concert for the same purpose, and also constantly mentions the war in Ukraine on her social networks, helping us not only financially but also informationally.
  • The ANSWEAR multi-brand online clothing, footwear and accessories store has also become our support hero. During the month from June 9 to July 9, they will transfer to the Voices of Children 5% of the funds received to help Ukrainian children cared for by the Foundation.
  • The Concord Alumni community arranged a fundraising charity concert for two organizations, one of which was the Voices of Children.
  • Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg – the 38th International Short Film Festival also helped the Voices of Children and raised funds to support children.
  • 9 Ukrainian electronic music performers and composers organized a 9-hour charity stream for the PsyTrance and Techno communities around the world to support our wards. The event took place in a warehouse where humanitarian aid is unloaded.
  • Ballerinas Cindy Jourdain and Venus Villa organized a gala concert in Hong Kong to support our Foundation. The idea of the event – “children for children”, young artistic talents supported the children of the war in Ukraine.
  • Mindst, a startup that develops mental health products, developed a chatbot for us in Telegram absolutely free of charge, which greatly accelerated the connection between children, parents and psychologists.
  • At one Texas school in the United States, students willingly joined the support and painted beautiful pictures for the children in our Foundation’s care.

We thank everyone for the trust, support and big hearts who have already helped thousands of children! We will definitely win together.

Media about us

The most interesting materials about us this month:

We are sincerely grateful to the media for their constant attention
and coverage of our activities.
Thanks to you, we grow and can help much more!