Together We’re Strong!

Thanks to your support, our foundation continues to actively support temporary shelters for refugees in Truskavets in western Ukraine. In a few weeks, about 1,000 migrants had the opportunity to relax after an extremely difficult and stressful road, eat, warm up and take a shower.

Everyone has a difficult story to tell, and no one loses faith that they will definitely return home.

We spent about 435,000 hryvnias to meet the needs of shelters in Truskavets. Of these funds, 300,000 went to purchase mattresses, blankets, bedding, food, hygiene items, pallets to create beds and equipment needed to equip centers – boilers, sockets, carriers. Another 135,000 hryvnias were spent on the purchase of 150 mattresses, which will be delivered to the centers by the end of next week.

In addition, we coordinated the direction of 22 tons of humanitarian cargo from our friends from Germany, which is currently heading to Truskavets. 

We are heartened by the fact that in extremely difficult times, humanity is uniting to help those who need it most.