Key problems and needs of children in different situations of war: situational analysis, 5th month of war

150 days of war, but actually crimes against humanity and killing of civilians
citizens of Ukraine. Shelling of populated areas, terrorist attacks on places
crowding of the civilian population, killing and maiming of children, destruction of schools and
hospitals, deportation and abduction of citizens, continuation of humanitarian
crises in the occupied territories and attempts to create a food crisis in the world
is what characterizes five months of full-scale Russian invasion of

As of July 24, 358 children were killed, 684 were injured. And these numbers are not

We bring to your attention a report that briefly describes the key events of the fifth
months of war, related to the situation, problems and needs of children in
Ukraine and abroad. Separately, in this report, we analyzed the situation with
respecting children’s right to leisure and recreation.

The methodology is based on the analysis of statistics, data from official sources and
media materials. 10 interviews with members of the public were also conducted
activists, volunteers, psychologists, parents in the occupation and on
territories where active hostilities are taking place, as well as with families who were forced
move to the western and central regions of Ukraine and abroad.