Key problems and needs of children in different situations of war: situational analysis, 2nd month of war.

For two months, our children have been suffering from the war started by Russia. We would like to inform you that the number of children who are forced to leave their homes, their toys and rooms has decreased, but unfortunately! These numbers are only growing. Children continue to live in basements and bomb shelters, do not have enough food and drinking water (and sometimes do not have it at all), do not have adequate medical care, access to education, not to mention children’s entertainment and games.

Every day, children continue to get under attack, get injured and die.

We have analyzed the key problems and needs of children in different situations of the 2nd month of the war.

Together with our colleagues from the Kharkiv Institute for Social Research, we have prepared a report that analyzed the current situation and provided recommendations that could help in solving the problems and meeting the requirements of children in displacement, occupation, active combat areas, and institutional care facilities.