Children from all over the world against war!

In May 2022, over 400 children from different parts of the world – France, Greece, Argentina, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines – submitted «Messages of Hope» to Ukrainian  children who suffered from the Russian military invasion.

“We send you, all the children affected by the war, this message of support from Argentina. Everything will be fine. Generous people from all over the world are doing everything they can to help you move forward!”

High school students from Argentina

These messages of support (that are now showcased on cards and flags) were created within the framework of the partnership between Voices of Children Charitable Foundation and Twinkl Educational Publishing for the “Living Together in Peace international school project!

We at the Voices of Children Foundation know that a kind word heals emotional wounds. That’s why we share the messages sent to Twinkl by children from all over the world. You can now view all these “Messages of Hope” in Ukrainian,German, French, Polish and English. By creating these editable resources in partnership with the educational publishing house, we want to keep inspiring students and teachers across the world to create their own «Messages of Hope» and share them with Ukrainian children.

We also hung flags with Twinkl messages in psychological assistance centers of the Foundation, so that Ukrainian children could feel the atmosphere of support and warmth from their peers from different countries.

The Living Together in Peace project started on the International Day of Living Together in Peace (May 16, 2022) and will continue until the end of the school year in June 2023.

How can teachers take part with their students?

Twinkl, schools and teachers around the world can amplify the voices of pupils by sharing their “Messages of Hope” either on social media or on an interactive map.

Educators will be able to:

  • download the editable resources for FREE,
  • carry out the activity with their students,
  • use this Google Form to sign-up to the “Messages of Hope” campaign, and
  • Share the messages of their students either on social media or on this interactive map.

Moreover, in partnership with Twinkl, we are creating a selection of educational resources for art therapy classes, in support of children’s mental health. All the resources will be approved by Ukrainian psychologists specialised in children’s trauma. Voices of Children Foundation will support in translating this material into Ukrainian, and Twinkl will make it free to access from their educational platform.

Thanks to the partnership with Twinkl, even more teachers, pupils and parents from all over the world will learn about the Voices of Children Foundation and will be able to join the help to children of war from Ukraine.

Twinkl is an international educational online publisher founded in 2010 by the Seatons couple from Sheffield (England). Today, Twinkl creates digital learning materials for a wide audience around the world. Twinkl library includes materials for primary and secondary schools, teachers, home educators, tutors, parents, and special guides for children with special needs. The Twinkl website already contains more than 930,000 materials, and the resource library is updated daily!

The Twinkl platform not only raises awareness of the impact of war on children, but also encourages students worldwide to speak out about the importance of global peace and show solidarity with children affected by war.

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Key problems and needs of children in different situations of war: situational analysis, 7th month of war

Key problems and needs of children in different situations of war: situational analysis, 7th month of war

The seventh month of the war and the de-occupation of a large part of Kharkiv region once again demonstrated the atrocities committed by the Russian army in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine: several large-scale burials, including children; deaths from torture; destroyed housing and infrastructure; mined roads and forests.

The results of the fund work during of the full-scale war in Ukraine

The results of the fund work during of the full-scale war in Ukraine

Thanks to your support, your donations, your physical help, we are doing extremely important things together.

“The Voices of Children” in Eurochild

“The Voices of Children” in Eurochild

We did it! Thank you for your trust and recognition.