The fourth day of the war…

“You are the killers of children. All your criminal actions against humanity are documented. You, as war criminals, will be prosecuted by an international tribunal” — the Commander of the Maritime Guard of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine sent a signal to Russian ships.

As of February 27, 210 civilians, including 6 children, had died in Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion. The Russian military continues to destroy homes, shops, bridges and other infrastructure, trying to cause man-made disasters locally.

The number of injured is growing, one child was brought to Kyiv Children’s Hospital Ohmadit already dead last night. Civilians are being shot in cities. Fourth-grader Polina, who was driving with her family, was killed in the shelling in the center of Kyiv.

The night in Chernihiv was very hot, where, among other things, a kindergarten was shelled.

We express our condolences and support to the families of the victims.

The new reality is ruthless. Children, just like adults, feel the fear of war and hide.

Instead of a swing outside, they have only an emotional “swing”. They remain children and play, but now their main game is “hide and seek” , but it’s actually just “hiding”. From the occupiers who are shelling their country and from those who are killing their peers.

The kids are trying to live their bright childhood lives, but underground. In bomb shelters they play, laugh and sleep… on the floor. War teaches them to fight and not give up. And our victory will teach them justice.

All Ukrainian kids are now children of the war. We are starting a series of posts in which we will tell the stories of children who are going through the war.

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