The 5th day of the war…

Russian troops continue to cynically and ruthlessly destroy Ukrainian cities with heavy weapons. Civilians are left without schools, hospitals, kindergartens and a roof over their heads.

As of February 28, 198 people have died in Ukraine since the start of the full-scale invasion, including 16 children.

Iskander operational-tactical missile systems for the civilian population of Zhytomyr were used for combat purposes. The enemy disguises himself in the uniform of the Armed Forces and uses ambulances to cover sabotage. The occupier’s army ruthlessly uses women and children as human shields, placing them on armored vehicles.

Enemies deliberately choose sick children for their aggression by placing cruise missile guidance sensors in children’s hospitals. Kyiv’s Okhmatdyt with seriously ill children from all over the country was fired upon again. The boy was forced to go down to the bomb shelters. A team of medics not only treats but also removes enemy tags from the building.

In Chernihiv, children’s dentistry came under fire, a rocket hit the building of the Youth Center.

In Sumy region, enemy aircraft scatter children’s toys, mobile phones and valuables filled with explosives.

In the Donetsk region, rescuers continue to evacuate Ukrainians who came under fire from the occupiers. Among them, 13 children were rescued today.

Ukraine is strong. We will definitely win.