22th day of the war

Laughter, joy and loud applause. The drama theater in Mariupol in the prewar times was filled with these emotions. It was the place where about a thousand innocent women and children who lost their homes during the war were hiding. And it was the place that Russian aircraft bombarded with a heavy bomb.

The word “children” was written in large letters on the asphalt on both sides of the building, which was easy to see from a bird’s-eye view. But that did not stop the occupiers. They also ruthlessly fired on the Neptune pool, where pregnant women and children were also hiding.

In Chernihiv civilians were standing in line for bread. They dreamed of a delicious breakfast with the family and made plans for the evening. For 10 of them that morning remained forever. The Russian armed forces cynically shot at them in the middle of the street.

And then they bombed the dormitory, killing three children.

A column of civilians escaped from Mariupol, which had been on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe for several weeks, in the direction of Zaporizhia. The enemy viciously shot at cars, killing innocent people and injuring children.

Ukraine continues to demand to close the skies over our country.