The 21st day of the war

1.5 million of Ukrainian children have become refugees since the Russian invasion.

Russian troops continue to launch missiles and make bomb strikes at infrastructure and densely populated areas of Ukrainian cities, including firing at an evacuation bus carrying people from Rubizhne in the Luhansk region.

In Mariupol, the occupiers drove about 400 people into the premises of the Regional Hospital for Intensive Care, holding them hostage. Among them are doctors and medical staff.

Over the past 24 hours, about 30,000 Ukrainians have been rescued from the combat areas. It is finally possible to leave Mariupol, which is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, by a privat car.

Despite the tragic events, life goes on. Since the beginning of the war, 10,683 marriages and 10,767 newly born babies have been registered in Ukraine.