Nastya is a very initiative girl

Nastya is the eldest in a family of 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

They were all taken from the family when a drunken father once again beat his wife till she lost her consciousness and then attacked the children. All the children were sent to two different internats and a baby orphanage.

Since Nastya was the eldest, she was often abused by her father when their mother wasn’t at home. Nastya can describe how her father beat her mother. Also she can tell about all the bruises and scars on her body in the smallest detail and at length. The girl feels guilty about betraying her sisters once. That day their father was angry and the mother wasn’t around, so Nastya ran out of the house because she knew that she would be attacked.

She hid behind a trash can. The girl saw the sisters going back home after a walk, but couldn’t stop them. She just couldn’t move. As a result, the father directed all his anger at the little ones.

Once Nastya remembered her safest place in a conversation with a psychologist – an abandoned apartment where her family lived once. She often ran away to go there, sat on an old chair and watched the lives of other people passing by out of the window.

Nastya is a very initiative girl. And we want the violence trauma from her relatives not to be etched on her memory and not to poison her all life.

We believe that we can change Nastya’s life if we continue to provide her with psychological support.

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Donate to the program