My name is Mykhailo, I am 10 years old. We did not leave our home, because if the villages are empty, it will be easier for enemy troops to enter them.

During these days I heard and saw a lot. I heard the Grads shelling and machine guns fires, I saw enemy planes and helicopters and heard explosions not far from the village. The first day was really scary, now – I don’t know. Panic just disappeared somewhere.

The main thing is to check the information. There may be enemy spies among the locals, they may be sitting in bomb shelters and spread the panic.

Now there are a lot of sabotage groups. They can ask us how to get to Kyiv, whether the road is blocked or just share some fake information. You need to check this information in online sources before passing it on to loved ones. And don’t post it in the groups with your neighbors.

Support each other, help the local territory defense, patrol the streets. If you see suspicious people, suspicious signs on the road – call either the police or the local defense. Our Armed Forces are very strong, our soldiers are the definition of courage.

Our enemies have been destroying us for centuries. But if the Ukrainians with sticks and wooden shields stood up against the special forces, we will stand up now with the army we have.

We are as strong, as our willpower is! If we keep our strong will and support our army and territory defense in all ways – we will survive, we will win. I am sure of that.

Glory to Ukraine!