Kostya will come together with a friend San`ka.

Take a look at San`ka, I’m worried about him …

– What about him?
– Ohh … he is beaten at home, even for small things. Oftentimes mom shouts at him and beats him in public. He himself is rather calm, introverted, always on guard when with adults as if he always expects a punch in the face.

– Ok, I see, I’ll have a look, offer him to draw together.
– Yeah, let’s try … I am very concerned about him …

I recognized San`ka from the first glance. Yellowness from the bruise on his cheekbone, head squeezed in the shoulders, a grave look. We introduced ourselves, shook hands, and had a little laugh. In half an hour San`ka relaxed a little while playing with other kids, became more confident. It felt like we know each other for a long time… So I offered him to draw something and he immediately agreed. I started to explain him the concept of art therapy and why it is important but he assured me that he knew it all.

Kostik enlightened him beforehand!

He sat, stared at the blank canvas, as if he was looking for something in it. Then opened the box with colors, held the brush above them hesitating and then picked one. Red. It is important for me to see what the first color child picks is. I also observe how the first lines look – wide and bold or as a thin graphical line. Or maybe he’ll add a lot of water and stretch the colors across the sheet. Those are like the first accords of the melody that help you understand whether the song will be joyful or sad.

San`ka started with thin red line out of which he drew zigzags, and then they started to look like little cars. He used the black paint to draw wills, yellow for the lights. – Where does it go, Sasha?

– Far away, very far away… As he said that, he stood up, cleaned his hands with his jeans and ran towards his friends.

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