I miss my usual past life

Each of us left a piece of ourselves until February 24 this year. We do not understand why the life of every Ukrainian had to change so dramatically from joy to sorrow, from happiness to pain, from plans and dreams to survive and save themselves and their children.

And we are adults. And what happens to children who have been forced to leave their homes, rooms, toys, books, favorite notebooks and cute little things, their grandparents, relatives and friends.

Do you remember yourself as a child, when you had to part with your friends on summer vacation? The period when someone went on vacation, someone to his grandmother in the village, and someone to a children’s camp. And it seemed so long… How to endure 2-3 weeks, a month or two without constant conversations, friendly walks or swinging for several hours? We didn’t miss school, but we definitely missed our friends and classmates.

But we knew that September 1 would come and we would all do our favorite things together again. Unfortunately, this summer is different from all previous ones.

Diana is very hopeful and believes that very soon everyone will return home, that she will be able to hug her friends, that she will walk with her friends around her favorite Kharkiv again. May her wish come true as soon as possible.

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