-In this house live we and YOU!

-Why do I live here?

-Because you will protect me and my mom from dad…

These are the words of little Artem. He attends art therapy sessions in Toretsk, near the front line in eastern Ukraine.

That day, Artem and his mother were once again forced to hide from father’s anger and run away from home.

They found shelter at our coordinator’s Natalia place. She recalls that Artem who was always active and cheerful … just sat, drew, and could not get away from the process.

It hurts when a child is forced to go through such events. But the victory is that thanks to art therapy sessions, meetings with a psychologist, the support of coordinators – we help the child cope with the trauma and become stronger.

*The illustration for publication is the work of our 6-year-old colleague Tanya. She made it based on an original drawing by Artem, which we cannot publish for ethical reasons. The child’s name has been changed.

Art therapy is one of the safest and most resourceful activities.

This program especially suits the children who have difficulties in describing their emotions, experience and fears in words.

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