– You are very worthy, Anton. People are here for you and they support you. You are safe. 

As one meeting went by, and then another one and another one, our psychotherapist repeated these words to Anton. She was showing her support and care all the time. 

Anton, in return, was learning how to trust people and the world and not to be afraid to share his feelings and emotions. 

Today Anton sees his future full of bright colors. 

There (in the future) are many pure, bright people with whom he can be himself and whom he can trust. 

Anton is only 11, but he’s already faced many difficulties. Five months ago he came to the psychotherapist absolutely convinced that “Nobody needs me, I’m all alone … “

Because of his parents’ drunkenness, the boy hasn’t lived at home for a long time. It’s either priyut or Internat, the place where he spent half of his childhood. 

When Anton’s mother brutally beat him because she was drunk, his father usually defended him. “As long as I’m alive, I’m going to protect you!”, he said. And Anton loved his father, ..and then his father died. 

Anton didn’t let himself cry or complain and soon there was a psychotherapist to support him.

He is a fighter and he is already imagining his bright and full of colors future! 

And in no time he will be absolutely sure that he is not alone … Right? 

Our project “Mobile Psychologists” aims to provide psychological assistance to children in Internats

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