Children’s stories

There are approximately ten thousand children living near the frontline, according to various sources. Among our wards are children who do not remember the days of peace because they are the same age as the war.

Here we have collected only a small part of children’s stories, because most of the stories are still untold.

We want to see more children’s smiles, so we try to respond to each child’s problems individually. Thanks to charitable contributions, for some kids we conduct art therapy classes, for others – we provide individual psychological assistance. We help to some kids with the treatment needed for PTSD, others – with housing, education and more.

Only together can we provide more protection for children. Join us!

Individual help
Rita from Avdiivka: imposible to live at home

Rita from Avdiivka: imposible to live at home

Rita lived in the old part of Avdiivka. It is very dangerous to live there. And bullets and hailstones flew into their yard.

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