We were late for one day, only one day…

Since the beginning of February, Voices of Children team was persuading the main characters of our film “The Distant Barking of Dogs” to leave front-line village. They agreed only on February 23.

We hastily bought them train tickets for the 24th, found accommodation for them in the west. But the next day the war erupted.

Oleh, Glib and Yarik did not have time to leave. They are stuck in Mariupol (city in south eastern Ukraine), which russian fascists continue to destroy with extreme cruelty.

Every day, while there was a connection and they were sitting in the bomb shelter, we called each other. This is the last photo we got from them before the connection was interrupted. 

There is no news from the children for a week.

Russian aggression broke into their lives in 2014 and still does not let go. The war continues to destroy the lives of children, inflicting indelible wounds. The film with their participation was seen all over the world. They are true heroes who bravely learned to live next to the war.

If you have seen Oleh, Glib and Yarik or know something about them – please let us know. We sincerely believe that in the near future we will see them and give them a warm hugs.