Putin, stop the war! Ukraine is our Motherland.

russians, belarusians, why do you need this war? We want to live in peace.
I do not want war for nothing! I’m scared.
God, save us and save Ukraine!
I ask for peace, I am afraid of war (incomprehensibly – M.K).
vladimir putin, we demand the withdrawal of russian troops from our Ukrainian land!
putin, stop the war! Ukraine is our land.
I want to live in a free country.
With no war!
We live on our land.
putin, take your hands off Ukraine!
I really want the war to stop and people not to die.
How can you a gift from God – life – you can… (incomprehensible – MK) take away ?!
You better not kill children.
Russia, withdraw your troops. We don’t want to hide anymore. We want to go to kindergarten, we want to go to school, we want to study, dance, sing…