The puzzle of Ukraine

The puzzle with the map of Ukraine is the only toy my son took with him from Kyiv to Western Ukraine.

Since February 24, we seem to be living in a terrible parallel reality. My 4-year-old child started playing the war and asking several times a day when the moskali (Muscovites) would stop firing and we return home.

We put together the puzzle of Ukraine every day, gathering all the parts of our great country together with special awe. We sing the anthem and believe in our victory.

We join puzzle pieces with Kharkiv, which was almost leveled with the ground by bombs of the invaders, and we dream of rebuilding the first capital of Ukraine. We are thinking of going to the Ukrainian Crimea, which we will definitely show to our son one day. We are gathering pieces with Western Ukraine, which has given shelter to our refugee friends. And every day, in our thoughts we return home to Kyiv, where we have left ourselves as we had been before the war.

Ukraine will definitely win, because there are so many cities on our map that should be shown our son alive.

Alexandra Matios, Head of Communication Department Голоси дітей