“They became a part of me,” says Natalia, a psychologist with our Mobile Psychologists Project, about her wards, boarding school pupils in Severodonetsk.

On February 24, the city of Lysychansk was relatively calm. The next day, rocket fire began, and one of the first buildings destroyed was the gymnasium where Natalia’s son studied.

Day after day, food and drinking water began to disappear from the city. Natalia and her family spent the last three days in Lysychansk in the basement of the house.

When the connection was restored, our psychologist found the strength to support the wards, their mothers, and our foundation staff. Even in difficult circumstances, it has become a strong support for those who needed it most.

Natalia and her family miraculously managed to get out of Lysychansk, which is now one of the hot spots in Ukraine.

On the first day of her staying in peaceful Lviv, Natalia decided to surprise her wards, orphans who had been evacuated from the boarding school in Severodonetsk, and came to their shelter. It is impossible to describe in words how happy and warm their meeting was. Finally, the mother has met all her children.

Thanks to support from all over the world, we are able to help children of war and provide them with psychological assistance. We sincerely believe that no child in Ukraine should be left alone with the traumas of war. Thank you for being with us! Together we will definitely win.

Завдяки підтримці з усього світу ми маємо змогу допомагати дітям війни та надавати їм психологічну допомогу. Ми щиро віримо, що жодна дитина в Україні не має лишитися наодинці з травмами війни. Дякуємо, що ви з нами! Разом ми обов’язково переможемо.