Inspiring stories

Commander: “Chief of Artillery!”

Officers nearby: “Shhhh”

The commander of the 72nd ‘Slavyan’ brigade lowers his voice and leads the battle around Kyiv in a loud whisper. Sometimes they look around the blanket-covered room in the cold basement at the wrapped-up children who have found shelter with their mothers for the night sleep. They are protecting them from Russian missiles and other “brotherly” gifts. Strange, but they sleep soundly and don’t react to what is happening around them. And all around them a battle for our city, our Kyiv is happening. And 72nd Mechanized Brigade named after Black Cossacks does everything they can and everything beyond human capabilities. We have little choice, it’s either us or them. But love is on our side.

Love for our children, for our families, our cities and villages, for our Ukraine.

Which we love above all.

And we will fight until we return this damn russian world to hell.