During the conversation with journalists, the eyes of our psychologist Natalia brim with tears. She apologizes for being upset, but no one in the world can blame her for that.

There is a lot of talk around all of us, as Ukraine’s most vulnerable children are trying to understand what is happening in their country. They need warmth and support the most.

These are our wards – orphans who were evacuated from the shelling to Western Ukraine. They are relatively safe and finally have met Natalia, who’s become their second mother.

The children shared their stories and experiences with reporters from the British TV-channel Sky News, who have been telling the world the truth about russia’s crimes against Ukraine since 2014.

We thank the foreign media for their attention to the work of our foundation. We sincerely believe that together we will be able to show the world the terrible consequences of war on Ukrainian children.

You can watch the story here.